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The King of Comedy, Alibaba Once again pulled it with the clear show of
 Excellence, Support and Love for raw talents!

It was indeed a night laced with different cocktails of entertainment that left the crowd wanting more. 
Tickets were sold out, the hall was filled to it's maximum capacity. But then, at what point should we 
stop selling out tickets to avoid people standing ? Let me leave this right here.
On the other hand, Event managers say Crowd problem is good problem, it shows the people's level of acceptance.
This is where thorough planning comes into play! 
The Spontaneity Competition: The Winner, Laugh Doctor left home smiling with a brand new Hyundai Accent 
and an offer to become Alibaba's PA with a monthly Pay.
The First Runner UP, got a scholarship from Alibaba and Wife to see him through University.

Stitch In Time: Clearly the Tailors were not told that their competition results will be declared at the event.
They each had 3 hours to come up with designs and make them. So, while the show was on, 
they were engrossed in their craft. Well they all left with sowing machines. 
The winner went home with a sum of N300,000 {Three Hundred Thousand Naira Only}
First Runner, which of course the audience though should have won received donations 
totally N300,000 (Three Hundred Hundred Thousand Naira Only).
 Prof Wole Soyinka amongst several awardees , was honoured with an award for being the 
First African with a Noble Prize in Literature in 1986.

Let the Pictures tell the story!


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