”In my mind, i think obstacles are put in our way to test our resolve” -Toyin Adebola, President of Eagle Riders club.He continues, ”There are very few things that can stop me and they are usually things i cannot control”.

For someone with this mindset and resolve, exploring the world via biking even exposes his mind and that of his team to more possibilities. More so, you learn about the world when you travel far to experience other people’s culture, tradition and food! Before arriving the destinations, there are the almost unavoidable challenges and hiccups. Variety we say is the spice of life and Monotony kills interest. The Eagle Riders club have such resolve; not to live a monotonous life.  And watching this video will further show you that it is beyond the fun and explorations; you have so much to learn from every trip they make. That is why this documentary is for your viewing pleasure!

Watch how the Film Crew lost track of the Bikers on their way to Obudu.  One Trip gives them more confidence to embark on another ! It’s an exciting Trip to Obudu. ENJOY!

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