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The guys behind the scene are the unsung heroes! They are the star makers, they bring out the best of the talents and the show!

It is a collective effort that cannot be done by just the show owner. A lot of expertise will have to come to play. Besides carefully selecting different professionals like Sound Engineers, Gaffers, Set Designers, Stage Managers, Content Managers etc, there is more that is required and that is usually the Big deal; Professionalism, Dedication, Eyes for Details, Spontaneity, Love and Passion for the Job!

It took about an Hour to  raise the set design to stand and that is minus the long night of putting it together. Bathing was not even mentioned as the show time was already in view! Sleep eluded these guys, food was not even mentioned…One thing that was visible was their dedication to see a good show!

The Gaffer comes with his creativity by bringing out different lighting effects to suit every Performance (videos will be out soon)…According to Him, every performance requires a lighting technique that communicates the emotions , look and feel!

It took about 3months to officially plan a show the AY Live…so it is not wake-up-and-go ! So before you think of starting out anything, know that adequate planning time is as good as the real show!

The big Talents like Funke Akindele-Bello, Emma Oh My God, Ushbebe, AY, Helen Paul etc also had their dress rehearsals. These guys have a knack for excellence…you see why you must rehearse and not stop learning? Because even the big guns still do.


Meet Some of the Guys! 


 Godwin Emefe- Gaffer/Programmer

IMG-20170417-WA0007 Patrick Ojegba-Techincal Director


IMG-20170417-WA0032 Set Designer

 IMG-20170417-WA0028 OMO- Content



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