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Hey There! Been a minute!

Sure some of you be wondering if we went on a hiatus or something. Truth is, Life happened….we had a lil tot and needed the necessary break!

Breast feeding
Life! This is just surreal!
Our baby Royal
ROYAL @ 3months, forget pictures, combing our hair is always a tug of war!
Royal & Kate
Inside: What we look like
Baby Royal
Hello !
New Born
New Born Ro


Oh how it feels to be back! Have you ever left someone or something you really love for a long time and it became hard labour to reconnect! Now you would have to question yourself, go over thoughts on if you really ever even loved the person to leave. But there is a saying, if love is becoming a hard bone to crack, let it go…If it is yours, it will definitely come to you!

heehehehe and that is why we are back with more beautiful things in the kitty cos the love is just so real we had to defy the long stay and the odd feeling of doing this thing after a long time!

Old habits die hard!


So, what do we have for you? Oh a lot you can’t imagine! My heart is racing because I am not sure if I have figured where to start because it’s just so much to say! I hope you’d be here to read and watch stories from Backend Africa, Inside stories, my journey, Baby and things and Life lessons!

Backend Africa, Inside stories, my journey, Baby and things and Life lessons!

Drag a friend along because it’s about to be REAL! My name is Kate Harmony and I am your chief story teller!




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