International Women’s Day


Beautiful day, beautiful women , amazing crew…..We shared real moments!  #behindthescenes help you appreciate the process, so enjoy this one, more to come.

Wait! These Ladies have amazing stories and business ideas, one thing that was very evident was their passion and tenacity to keep Pressing in, Wait for the video! You don’t see this one coming!

Thanks to The BackEndScoop Team for holding it down, all day! From the Famous Yellow Chair that turned everybody to a carpenter, to Ikeja Electric that won’t let Power stay for as long as we would want, and to Musa , the Security man that was in charge of the Gen , we are grateful.

Veggie Highland kept us refreshed with their freshly squeezed Juices , smoothies and Salad! Yes we are healthy people. Lilian , sorry we got you drinking that hot Green Tea, we made you break a few streaks of sweat.

Fatai, The BackEnd Guy on the Cam, Seyi Funmi of SYFPHOTOGRAPHY brought us this beautiful pictures and Taoffik made sure every sound was captured, Man, you guys rock!

Here is to all the constant Pancaking and by force layering of foundations. Ify and Ejiro ,  we just had to use the water to calm the stormy storms of strands of your hair all rising up to the occasion .Ndali apologies for the Magodo merry go round. Bola and Joke, i was scared you won’t make , but you did. Mercy, you promised me a dress, hmmm.

Over all, we were a Team, and we made it work,Kudos!

Ehen what is Oshaprapra? Any help, anyone?

…every story has a backend



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