Depression is real! Oh you must have heard this like a thousand times all over the internet, on the radio, everywhere. There has been a growing awareness campaign on the deadly killer called Depression!

It is something that has been around for a long time-The silent Killer!


The one that keeps the House wife awake all night. The one that made the widow to develop high blood pressure. The one that got that Aunty in her late 30s or early 40s all cranky. Depression, the one that made it look like men had high early mortality rate than women. That is why, you advise men to quickly get their Wills together, In case, just in case!

The man goes about with a high burden, no one checks on him to know if he is alright. It is the school fees season, house rent will be due soon, House keeping, there are the in laws! The list is endless!

Nigerian Factor! But he is silently not happy, he is the man. So he slowly sinks into depression until….Boom!


I am not one to talk about depression but personal experiences have thought me that it is real. I have had to go through a personal journey lately and I realized how easy it is to sink into depression without knowing.
Suddenly, you can’t tell anyone what you are going through. Suddenly, you can have a party alone with yourself. Suddenly you begin to find justifiable reasons to blame others. Oh, it’s all coming together! You don’t even want to work! All die na die you say! So, you stay and do nothing. Because nobody cares , afterall!


But you know this feeling is not right. Something is going on and it is not good at all. You need to get out of it. Sink or Swim!


I had to call myself to a meeting… I told me the truth, what it would take and I asked me if I’d be willing to do the nine whole yards? It is hard work!

First, i acknowledged there is a problem, then it requires work and Patience ! It is a Journey!



Unhappiness releases toxins into your system and these can trigger sicknesses . Unhappiness can spoil relationships for you because you bring bad energy . Gradually, because you allowed it, you become a master at it, you naturally discourage relationships and loose existing ones! What could be worse?


This journey will require you to deliberately make attempts to do things that will make you happy. Let me share a few of the things I have tried with you.



Endorphins are one of the neurotransmitters released when you exercise. Endorphins help to regulate your mood. Beyond weight loss, Exercise will take you out of the blues and boost your mood. Exercise will release the feel-good brain chemicals, take your eyes off your worries and relax your muscles.Are you having signs of Depression, Exercise!

Simply put, most people who are depressed have something wrong with their brain chemistry,” says William Walsh, Ph.D


Take healthy meals. Include fishes like Mackrels, tuna, sardines. Eat nuts like walnuts (Not expensive, you can get them around). Take leafy vegetables. I am a sucker for Lettuce. You can blend with an apple or simply just add it as part of your meals. A 500 lettuce should take you for a few days, depending on your consumption level. It’s usually my first drink after water every morning. I blend with an apple and that gives me about 3 cups and I drink and I am happy !


A good sex with the right one can change the whole mood . lol



A nice massage with oils will calm your nerves and release your happy hormones. Someone at home can help you if you can not afford a professional masseur or masseuse.



Dance for no reason. At first, your feet will be heavy, lift them any way, gradually, you pick up and up and up! There you go!


Don’t beat yourself too hard. Take your time, appreciate your little progress, be kind to yourself and reward yourself.  Remember it is a journey, it is okay if you skip here and there, and it is perfectly okay to clap when you win.

Everyday, before you sleep, go over your day. Close your eyes and watch yourself like a movie. Don’t judge, don,t feel bad, just review the day . This will help you know and recognize things that are good for you and the ones that are not.


Go to play store, find Meditation Apps .Boy! They work, make time for meditation, release those toxins and heal!


I didn’t have to but if you find out your situation is going out of hand, see a therapist to walk you through the journey!


Prayer is simply communicating with God. Pour out your heart, tell Him exactly how you feel, cry if you have to. Crying is not a sign of weakness, it may be a sign of healing even. Just speak to God, He hears!


In conclusion, like we already established, this is a journey, it will require time, discipline, patience and a never-say-never attitude! From the list above, you can develop a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook to things.

Enjoy your journey!♥



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HUMANS SUPPORTING HUMANS Vrs WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN: This write up is not meant to be one of those long ones, as I am not even good with that. However, there is a saying that is very popular amongst the women folk ”WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN

Women supporting women simply encourages women to support other women, in their careers, share strength, uplift and just basically look out for the other woman. Yes, I totally and absolutely support this statement that has generated 1,878,318 hash tags on Instagram alone (One Million, Eight Hundred seventy eight thousand, three hundred and eighteen hash tags).

Wow! Amazing! Isn’t it? I must commend the pioneers of this movement and I would say it is very much needed especially in the African clime where women are not ”regarded ”that much. A woman should be a mother, married, take care of the home front, don’t necessarily need to work-Oh the man should, the society says!

But times are changing that these saying do not hold water as much again. Thanks to various movements that see to it that the dignity of the woman is restored, that there is equal representation across all sectors; a woman can be more or even better. After all, success does not respect gender but hard work, discipline, perseverance, consistency and smart work moves! (An article coming shortly)

Having established this fact that women supporting women is good. Let’s see another very important perspective, Humans supporting humans! Yes!

Oh I said this should be brief! There I go! Lol!

I feel the men are a bit left out in all of this. I mean who teaches the men? How many conferences and seminars do we have for men? You answer that.

The world consists of two genders; Male and Female. And one cannot exist or function optimally without the other. So, I would say, let’s all support one another in the best ways we can.

Let the parameter for supporting not be gender based, it won’t last on the long term. Reach Out, support and encourage alike, Respect every human being; young or old, rich or poor, big or small. Let’s strike a balance, I believe this will help on the long run!

If two people come to you to pitch a business, let the best pitch win.

Humans supporting humans should be the mindset going forward. Men go through hard times too, they are always expected to be strong and on top of the game. Sadly, they go though really difficult moments and phases that they won’t mention it to anyone because the societal stereotype says men should be strong. So, Who is there for Daddy? (An article coming )

Oh I got to go, as much as it sounds cliché, do ponder on this and realize that we all need each other because we are all we’ve got!

Cheers to better life ahead!  ♥



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Hello Collector! The Encourager Needs You

Hello Collector, The ”Encourager” needs you so bad. I guess you never realised that. How easy it is for people who are on the receiving end to think giving is easy! You however never thought you may also have something to give.

This post here is to let you know that YES, YOU DO!

People who have money also go through stuff and may need your comfort.

The people who are always strong and encouraging may be going through a Breaking Point so they hide behind a mask. Can you see it?

That ”Rich” person may just be running away from you because of your give me, give me attitude.

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Why do small businesses fail? Why do you think your business is not growing? Are you having return customers or you are just focused on getting new ones?

While there may be many reasons your business is not moving as fast as it should, there is one key thing you must consider.


I won’t waste your time, this is social media age. Everybody has one thing or something to sell on social media. It is easy to place orders, send the delivery guy and receive your order.

That doesn’t even start without the potential buyers seeing lots of beautiful and breathtaking pictures of shoes, clothes, bags, and mouth watering dishes. Chei! What next, slide into the dm or call, then wire wire and then boom! The delivery man is here!



Watch this video then we continue!


People don’t wake up everyday to order a bowl of Abacha and Ugba.  Not a strand of Ugba, ponmo wasn’t even up to 5o naira, the taste was bland. For N3,500 ? Let me not complain about the terrible oil used, i have resorted to green tea to bring my heart back.

Wait, it’s not about the money but how they made me feel (Oh well even if it is, na my money)

I will save you the stress because you have watched the video. Branding has taken a new turn, Experience is everything! Don’t give your customers a chance to complain about your services or the quality of what you deliver.

Stop copying online pictures and be deceiving people, let’s see the real deal and decide if we want to buy or not. Social media is big with about 600 million people Active on Instagram alone, 1.86 billion on Facebook, 1.2 Billion on WhatsApp, and 1B Active on Messenger, really, do you want to mess up your business?

Tell me, have you had experiences like that before? Do share with us in the comment section.

Thank you!

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”YOU ARE FORGIVEN” Kemi Olunloyo to Pastor David Ibiyome

”YOU ARE FORGIVEN” Kemi Olunloyo to Pastor David Ibiyome

”YOU ARE FORGIVEN” Kemi Olunloyo to Pastor David Ibiyome of Salvation Ministries. Read Excerpts from her Instagram post and video. Recall that Ms Olunloyo has just been released fromPort Harcourt Maximum prison for the third time in 2017…Hope this clears the air. The excerpt below is purely written by MS Kemi Olunloyo and was not edited by The BackendScoop.


On December 12th 2017, an emergency production warrant was issued to bring me to the continuation of my trial in Federal court as the prosecutors had forgotten that they locked me up in prison under a magistrate bench warrant. There were no media outlets present as none knew of the date.

The internet post which was the subject of my arrest was thrown out by Justice Oshomah citing that it was inadmissible as a “true copy” of an internet generated document. On the magistrate side I am being tried for conspiracy. I plead not guilty in both courts where I am being sued.

I was only doing my job as a journalist looking for witnesses in an 8 page newstip sent to me by a church member alleging corruption. My case was NEVER about adultery as many people, bloggers and media have falsely written.Be in the courtroom to know the facts!

Also many forms of fake news on my third arrest. YNaija, Pulse Nigeria, Premium Times and many others reporting I was arrested in Ibadan and  Lagos when I actually streamed the event LIVE in front of the Federal court house in Port Harcourt

I have endured a lot and showing signs of psychological damage. Behind my smiles are cries and anger daily. Federal court adjourns in April while magistrate end of the month. God said “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” while Jesus told the thieves on the cross to “forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing”. We are not perfect! God knows the truth and I swore that he should deal with me mercilessly if I LIED OR MADE FALSE STORIES AGAINST Pastor @ David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries.

I lost my US registered business, my livelihood and my sanity in the confinement. But I did not lose my life or my children. The biblical man JOB did. Many u say I’m bitter at this pastor and the feds for tying me like a ram in the back of a hilux truck across 8 states for 9 hours.
I AM NOT BITTER!! I am a Woman of God now. I preach forgiveness not revenge and hatred.

Therefore it is well with you Pastor Ibiyeomie. May God bless Salvation Ministries and give you glory in 2018 and beyond. You are forgiven!
– -KOO

Source: Kemi Olunloyo’s Instagram post

Every Story Has a Backend…


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BENUE: Which Way Nigeria by Sunny Okosun


On The BackEndScoop Music Flash today, our focus and hearts truly reach out to the State of the Nation, Nigeria. The song of the day is ”Which Way Nigeria” by Legendary, Late Sunny Okosun.

The recent killing by Fulani Herds men in Benue has perpetually thrown so many into a state of mourning. One begins to wonder, will Nigeria ever be back on her feet again? What is the Government doing to stop this menace?

The song, reverberates in our hearts 33 years after release. Our Musicians back in the days definitely had foresight . However, it is troubling that decades and decades later, Nigeria looks like the cure to her ailment has not been found.

As 2019 approaches, remember this song. As you make up your mind who to vote for, remember this song. Are you planning to contest? Still remember this song.


Which way Nigeria

which way to go

 I love my father land

o yeah


 I want to know

 yes I want to know

 I love my fatherland

which Nigeria is heading to


 which way Nigeria

which way to go

 I love my fatherland

 which way to go

 I want to know

 which way Nigeria


is heading to many years after independence

 we still find it hard to start

 how long shall we be patient still we reach the promise land

 lets save Nigeria so Nigeria wont die


which way Nigeria

which way to go

I love my fatherland

 I want to know

which way Nigeria is heading to


 every little thing that goes wrong

we start to blame the government

we know everything that goes wrong

 we are part of the government

lets save Nigeria

so Nigeria won’t die


 which way Nigeria

 which way to go

 I love my fatherland

 I want to know

 which way Nigeria


which way Nigeria

is heading to

 inefficiency and indiscipline

is ruining the country now corruption here there

and everywhere inflation is very high

 lets save Nigeria so Nigeria won’t die


which way Nigeria

 Which way to go

 I love my fatherland

O sure I want to know

 yes I want to know


We make mistakes in the oil boom

Not knowing that was our doom

Some people now have everything

While some have nothing

 lets save Nigeria so Nigeria won’t fall


Which way Nigeria

 which way to go

 i love my fatherland

Which way Nigeria

Is heading to green revolution is a reality

 let’s give it a chance to grow

 lets join our hands together

 to farm the land so we can have

 enough food to chew

 lets save Nigeria

So Nigeria won’t die


 which way Nigeria

 which way to go

 i love my fatherland

I want to know

 which way Nigeria heading to

 our ambition to become millionaires is ruining the country down

We all want to be millionaires we want to leave in the earth

Lets save Nigeria so Nigeria won’t die

Which way Nigeria

I love my fatherland

I want to know

 which way Nigeria is heading to

 remember that a single step is the beginning of a million mile

Let’s start right now to rebuild ourselves to make the country smile

 lets save Nigeria so Nigeria won’t die

 which way Nigeria

Which way to go

 I love my fatherland

 I want to know which way Nigeria is heading to

 heaven and earth will pass away it is written in the book of god

The good people will surely find their way and the meek will inherit the world

Lets save Nigeria so Nigeria won’t fall

 which way Nigeria

 which way to go

 i love my fatherland

Which way Nigeria is heading to

 which way Nigeria

 which way to go

 I love my fatherland

 I want to know yes i want to know

Which Nigeria is heading to

lets save Nigeria which way Nigeria is heading to

one more time which way Nigeria is heading to


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This is not supposed to be a long post.

It is clearly true that someone us are tired of the cakes , If you are say yeah at the comment section.

Please remind me again, HOW MUCH IS AIR TICKET?

It is also true that they feel we don’t have a choice.If not, someone would have noticed that passengers actually don’t like the snacks; the cakes!

How can it be better?

A budget of 1k, One Thousand Naira per passenger can serve a good meal. Like Rice & Chicken, A variety of snacks with a bottle of drink.

Or, Partner with Nestle, Cadbury etc for a beverage dispenser to serve Hot Coffee, like the Nescafe 3-1 and still have drinks and snacks for the non coffee drinkers.

Get an Ice bucket for the drinks instead of serving warm horrible Juices!

What do i even know?


You can add your suggestions in the comment section! Tenk  you!

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For Motorists who hurriedly drive through the Mile 12- Ikorodu stretch, Odogun community in Ajegunle looks like a small town . Surprisingly, it isn’t! It is home to schools, families, a growing furniture industry etc! However, the poor state of the environment poses a large health risks given to the inappropriate dumping of refuse; safety concerns are raised because of over flooding issues.

However, the Residents and workers were clearly not interested in this coverage for the fear the government will displace them with no alternative! We saw that people use boats to visit neighbours because of over flooding.

The water should be controlled to avoid loss of lives. Though our crew were assured that even children have been thought how to swim! As much as these people wouldn’t want to be deprived of were they call homes, as much  as shops act like they are comfortable trading on the water, as much as even a welder feels it’s okay to move his shop evidently because the over flooding issue became unbearable and he puts up this smile like it is fine; we saw that it wasn’t fine. They just didn’t have a choice, they don’t want to be deprived of their daily sources of livelihood and shelter. They would rather ” manage”, they would rather not reveal the true state of things. This video will show you that if this problem is not tackled, if treated with levity, tomorrow will ask hard questions that we all will be ashamed to answer. So share this message and spread the love!

This DOCUMENTARY is not meant to stir the Government to displace them but as we always say, SAFETY FIRST. Government should visit, analyse the situation, weigh in and take measures to safeguard lives, properties, environment and businesses in Odogun.

We may also consider growing this furniture Industry! GOOD STUFF! Do share until it gets to the right source!

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BACKYARD CHECK : When will Ketu be finally sanitized and rid off street Trading at night? The new BRT shelter has been defaced by trading activities, pedestrian activities are not controlled, Traffic on the service lane is no story for today. Interestingly, traffic situation from Almighty Mile 12 down Ikorodu has been tackled . Work on That stretch will NOT be appreciated if Ketu remains the way it is. @akinwunmiambode Sir, kindly weigh in on this! We celebrate you.
#BESbackyardcheck #BackyardCheck#everystoryhasabackend #nightlifeinKetu #lagos#backendscoop

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