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th (13)The National Council on Information (NCI) has recommended the “setting up of a Council to regulate the use of social media in Nigeria”.

The recommendation is contained in a communique issued at the end of Extraordinary Meeting of NCI on Hate Speeches, Fake News and National Unity held on Friday in Jos.

In the communique made available to newsmen on Sunday, the Council recommended the use of stringent measures in checking conventional media and their programmes.

The Council, presided over by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, noted that Social media has no address, and as such vetting and editing posting in social media might be difficult.

The Council recommended that Information managers at the state level should open a website to counter report of any misinformation posted by the social media as quickly as the hate speeches, misinformation and fake news are posted.

It recommended immediate killing of whatever postings on social media assumed or presumed to be hate speeches or fake news or misinformation by the information managers in various states.

The Council noted that social media might take over the 2019 elections because Nigerians had come to rely more and believe the social media over the conventional media.

It directed the Federal and State Ministries of Information to use jingles to promote peace and come up with cartoons on the TV and Newspapers telling the dangers of fake news and hate speeches.

“The collaboration must start with National Orientation Agency and the state governments,” the Council recommended.

The Council underscored the need to start talking to those responsible for law and enforcement of justice to address the issues of citizens taking laws into their hands.

The body also emphasised that “the welfare of the people is paramount, people well fed will listen to their government”.


The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, in a keynote address, expressed displeasure over the hate spewed on radio stations across the country which according to him has become alarming.

The Minister said that the careless incitement to violence and the level of insensitivity to the multi-religious, multi-ethnic nature of the country must not be allowed to continue because it is detrimental to the unity and well-being of our country.

The NCI is the highest policy making body for information articulation and delivery in the country.

Delegates to the Council included Heads of Parastatal Agencies in the Federal Ministry of Information and Commissioners for Information in the 36 States.

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Ghana will be playing a pivotal role in youth development as we host youths drawn from Three African Countries including Ghana, Togo and Nigeria will converge for the maiden edition of Africa Youth and Talent Summit 2017 #AYTSummit2017 tagged ‘Youth and Talent Development as a tool for Africa’s Growth’.

Special Guest of honour/keynote speaker of the summit is the Minister of Northern Region, Mr. Salifu Sa-eed.

The Summit will address topics on personal development, career development and continental topics on youth education and the role of youth in agriculture. Some of Africa’s experts including Prince Siita Sofo (Speaker, Author, CEO NTV, Banker), Chychy Chukwu  (Legal Expert from Nigeria), Ibrahim Mohammed (Motivational Speaker, Author, Career Coach), Awin Peter (Founder, CowTribe) and a team of leading industry instructors, panellists and professionals from around Africa and beyond will facilitate the summit .

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The Africa Youth and Talent Summit will be held on 20th July 2017 in Gnat Hall, 20km Adjacent Waec Hall Tamale, Ghana. The Summit begins by 9:00am and ends 4:00pm. Between 800 and 1,000 youth will attend the conference as participants. AYTS will also attract representatives from Youth-friendly organizations, teachers, politicians, policy makers, the general public and media. Overall it is expected that approximately 1,000 people will attend some section of AYTS. So far, we have registered 500 youths on our free registration portal.

To register, kindly visit

Follow the hashtag #AYTSummit2017 on various social media platforms

For partnership/sponsorship, +233-245-870-928 (Ghana), +234-909-529-2240 (Nigeria). Email:

This event is powered by Green Platinum and Ink Media. Supported by Northern Television Ghana (NTV)


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…Says Officers On Training To Enhance Service Delivery
The Lagos State Government on Tuesday clarified the absence of Officials of the Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) from roads in the State, saying that the move was geared towards rejigging the operations and strategies to enhance service delivery.
Reports in some section of the media on Monday had purportedly claimed that the State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has banned the VIS from being on Lagos Roads.
But the government in a statement signed by the Acting Commissioner for Transportation, Mr Anofiu Elegushi, said the information circulating in the media was far from the truth, stating emphatically that the State Government has not in any way banned the VIS  in the State from discharging its responsibilities.
Elegushi said: “For the avoidance of doubt, it is noted that the VIS is visibly off the road to facilitate the training of its personnel, especially with respect to a new regime of enforcement as dictated by the new thinking with respect to available technical know-now of enforcement.
“To avail Lagosians the benefit of the new Radio Frequency Identification data base and Automatic Number Plate Recognition acquired for the outfit, appropriate training is required. The State Government has thus commenced the training of the VIS personnel to adapt and deploy the two modern technologies of enforcement, like what is obtainable in the 21st century.”
He said the recent step by the State Government was part of its commitment to make VIS  more civil in approach and to operate in line with best practices.
Elegushi said the Agency was also carrying out routine public enlightenment campaign at motor parks and other public places, including their VIS Centres, in order to further educate and sensitize Lagosians of their roles and obligations in terms of safety of lives and property on our roads.
“While it bears restating that the enforcement is important, our enforcement strategy will take a totally different pattern with less emphasis on impoundment on the roads, a situation that does not augur well for the vision of a functional Lagos of the 21st Century.
“We will also like to call  owners to partner with us and ensure that appropriate certifications are obtained before they put their vehicles on the road. It is the way of civilised people and Lagosians must act accordingly”, the Acting Commissioner said.
Elegushi also restated the State Government’s confidence in the discipline, patriotism and dedication to duty of the VIS officials.
Anofiu Olanrewaju Elegushi
Ag. Hon. Commissioner for Transportation
Lagos State
May 9, 2017
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COMPTURISED VEHICLE INSPECTION CENTRE IN LAGOS- Vehicles Must go through this Check to Obtain Certificate of Road Worthiness-VIS Boss!

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LAGOS STATE: The Lagos State Government last week donated 25 Brand New Hilux Vans, 20 Power Bikes and 11 Cars to the Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Service VIO. This is to improve Operations and help improve the safety of Vehicles thereby reduce Accidents on our Roads.

Commissioning was headed by The Acting Commissioner for Transportation, Prince Anofiu Elugushi along side The Chief VIO, Engr Abdulhafeez Gbolahan Toriola, Permanent Secretary Transportation Mr Bade Adebowale, Director,  Public Transport & Commuter Service, Mr Odukoya, Director of Transport Operations Mr Bola Matanmi.

The Team also inspected the New Computerised Vehicle Inspection Centre. When in full operation, the Vehicles must go through the checks to qualify for a Certificate of Road Worthiness. Tires, Suspension, Lights, Breaks etc will be checked at the Centre which will located at different parts of Lagos State. This of course is in consonance with International best practices !

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A BBC headline reported on the 31st of August, 2016 reads, ‘Nigeria slips into recession’. This caption confirms one of the dreaded fears for many Nigerians in the year 2016. Although, the government affirms that even though oil prices have dropped globally, other sectors are barely affected by the situation of the economy. Yet ironically, crude oil accounts for more than 70% of the Nigeria’s foreign earning. This raises debates on how much government has invested in other sectors including agriculture in other to make up for the losses incurred from the struggling oil sector.

Coupled with the crash in oil prices, the fall of the Nigerian Naira has also affected the growth of the economy with the inflation rate reaching an 11year high esteemed to be highest since October 2005 which is according to the median Bloomberg estimate. In addition to this, the Central Bank of Nigeria recorded that consumer prices increased from 17.9% to 18.3% between September and October 2016.

The reality of the situation besides the figures as seen from the layman’s perspective is that, ‘the country is dry’, inferring that unlike previous years 2016 so far has been the most challenging year yet. This period has also experienced an increase in unemployment as many companies have resulted to entrenchment of staff and/or slashing salaries in order to keep afloat. Figures from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) state that in the last one year, over 4.8 million people cutting across different sectors have lost their jobs consequently. The case is similar for business owners much of whom have resulted to closing down from not being able to weather the economic storm. Many have also resorted to investing in quick money schemes best referred to as ‘Ponzi schemes’ with MMM and Ultimatecyler being the widely spread of such schemes.

However, despite controversial statistics, public fears and raise hopes, the real question we are compelled to ask is what is or are the solution(s) to the issues surrounding the Nigerian economy; which in the last one year has dropped from first place as the fastest growing economy in the African continent. No doubt the solutions can only be found from looking inward. The Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun has claimed that the country would come out of recession based on certain policies and structures the Federal government is currently establishing in order to revive the economy. For Adeosun, the best approach to dealing with the situation is by investment in local infrastructure. This also involves investment in other sectors of the economy such as agriculture and other mineral resources.

Taking a cue from the US experience of the Great Recession, the America we see and now love today was born out of a dark place. Through construction of national infrastructures such as roads, hospitals, bridges and the likes, the American government provided jobs opportunities for millions of her citizens involved in all aspects of building and replenish broken or non-existent structures. Revenue received from the use of such infrastructure was then put back into building the economy.

Evidently, attempting to redeem the economy from its current situation would imply the active involvement of not just the government, but the entire citizenry (Watch The Men Who Built America). It is also important to consider an internal solution to the state of the economy. The government should endeavor to partner with small business owners. Not only would this inspire new and innovative ideas, it will also create a platform for the country to showcase their products to the world. In addition to this, we should focus on improving local content to be sent out to other parts of the world. Furthermore, since agriculture accounts for about 20% of foreign earnings, the government should also focus on empowering local farmers, and making grants available for them to expand their production. This would not only affect their methods of production, but will also increase the amount of food and cash crops harvested per season. The overall outcome of this will be, while creating opportunities for individuals to get involved in farming, the government is not only tackling the issue of unemployment but increasing the quality and quantity of foreign export.

Conclusively, in the coming years, the aspirations of many Nigerians is that government plans targeted at reviving the economy would yield maximally. Amidst mixed emotions the light at the end of the tunnel for countries that have experienced recessions is that the economy comes out stronger and is more sustainable.

Let’s hear your thoughts!


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