Everyone wants to make it BIG. But, the word ”BIG” in its self is relative; it can mean different things to different people based on Class, culture, Exposure, Economic Status etc.

Let`s find out the Dictionary Definition of BIG.

BIG: Large or great in Dimensions, Bulk, or extent a Big House; Large or great in Quantity, Number, Operating on a Large Scale (BIG)

We live in a time where most folks want to make the QUICK Buck or in basic Nigerian slang, ‘We just want to HAMMER!’ Wait? People, on the other hand, like to say the Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and they are right.’ You have to be the one to take that bold step! Yes!

Yes, how about you start from sharing your dreams and ideas with someone other than your Best Friend, to submitting your designs at one of the biggest companies?

Okay, let’s take a second to think?

What are your Fears?

Rejection?Criticisms? Ridicule? Or just getting a Big Fat No?

So, What would you do? Wallow and have a cry fest? Certainly not! Failing doesn’t even make you a failure. What makes you a failure is not trying after you fail. Ask Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg,  Chimamada Ngozi Adichie , Chinua Achebe and ask Wole Soyinka and they will all tell you that at some point they hit a few or lots of stumbling blocks. They would say it wasn’t all Rosy and Glamorous. If it’s easy, then you may have to take a second look.


Here are some Key Questions…

1.      What drives you?

2.     What are you Passionate about?

3.     Who are your Mentors in the industry?


a] Find your purpose and carve your niche; that one thing that makes you different from the rest. Search your heart and find out what you love doing. It could be production, script writing, business, fashion designing, broadcasting, blogging, sculpting, photo journalism and so on. Can you do them for free?

b] Map out a plan/strategy: Might just be as simple as writing down how to go about it  {Read up more on google}

c] Give it Structure. Be able to answer Who, What, Where, When and How.  Who will tell you your audience or potential customers, What will answer the services you render, Where will tell you the place of distribution , When answers your Timing/Season/Occasion and How talks about the medium/Media/Vehicle.

d] Knowing the direction you are headed is another important factor. Are you aware that when you are headed the wrong direction you won’t get to your destination?


Discover your purpose then the direction you are headed won’t be so hard to find.


Moving on, LET’S DE-MYSTIFY THE ”BIG” ILLUSION. Asides from the dictionary definition of BIG, Do you know what the true definition of ”BIG”  is according to P. Iykes?


Do you know that if you keep waiting to hit it BIG Time, you might just wait forever? That which you find your hands to do as a young man or lady, do it to the best of your ability.
You probably have a golden voice and are really good with words. Dear, please you must not wait till some Talent Hunt or Mavin Records discovers you.

You have to start from somewhere, remember the question, Can you do it for free?  Just don’t let your talents as a young person go to waste. You are skilled at Fixing things. In fact, your friends call you, Mr Fix It. When anything is broken everyone calls for Somto or Tunde or Deji.

Start from there!

Take a step in the right direction. Lola has wicked hair braiding skills. After braiding it looks like something straight out of a magazine. Like something Legendary Sade Adu would probably rock. Sister Gurl, that right there is your gift. It’s a skill! Don’t waste it guys. It adds up, you have got to believe me. Let’s De-Mystify the word BIG and start SMALL. It adds up. Believe me. 

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