EPISODE 1: KASALI ON THE MOVE – A story of a Nigerian Taxi Driver in Pidgin .

Kasali aka Baba Kaamo, na Lagos driver Kasali na the story of a Lagos Kabu Kabu Driver! Una wan hear am? This na the story of one paddy man taxi driver, dem dey call Kasali – Baba Kaamo.

Kasali – Baba Kaamo na one ogbonge Lagos Yellow Taxi driver, wey pipo dem dey popularly call dem Oko Asewo (Prostitute husband) as for sey before before for lagos na dem dey carry all those Lagos thick thick madam dem  around.

Now story, don change as pipo dem don begin use unpainted cars like Uber and others and this don come dey affect Kasali work and family for Ijora Badia wey him dey manage live.

Na so one day na him Kasali give him sef brain quick quick to compet with the new companies dem wey don enter Lagos, becos no dulling for Lagos

First him go need to repair the moto engine (him dey  call him moto “Ikoko Obe” (Pot of Soup )also him go go respray the bodi of the moto to make am look good but all this things na money o, but as a guy man Kasali go put him friends for go come “lo ka bo”  as him with them don dey the park for many years.

Secondly, Kasali wan rent another house for him new wife wey still dey Ilorin. Before this time Kasali get 2 wife for lagos and one for Ilorin, wey bi him friend last daughter, as im friend dash Kasali for marry..

Now Kasali don repair moto finish dey owe gbese with the hope to pay back quick, na so dem come dey tell Kasali say the face of transportation for Lagos wan change again. This na wey Kasali wahala come begin, na so Kasali shoot, – I know wetin to do oya  KASALI ON THE MOVE !


Story of a Lagos Kabu Kabu driver im name na Kasali


Nduka IgwebuikeStory by Nduka Igwebuike
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