Flick Lounge; Movie Lovers’ Review is a convo of  Movie Buffs who will be reviewing your favourite movies and more. Flick lounge Premieres on The Backendscoop this November. In a very relaxed and serene atmosphere , a group of Movie Buffs who would rather be addressed as the Box Office makers will be taking a closer look at some of the movies we see.

FLICK LOUNGE : Movie Lovers' Review

On Flick Lounge, reviews are done through the reviewers’ eyes who of course are not professional film makers . However, they understand and know the taste of a good movie. As the name implies, flick lounge is relaxing, fun, intelligent, rib cracking and maybe, Naughty! .

If you are a movie lover , then this is your New Tribe. You should get value for your money by watching movies that are ”Cinema” worthy; Captivating story lines, Excellent Cinematography, Unbeatable sound, Transitions, Costumes , Role Interpretations!

We are your movie buddies, so keep your eyes on this platform to know when the first episode will premiere.


Can you guess what we are reviewing first?

FLICK LOUNGE: Movie Lovers' Review
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