Hello Collector! The Encourager Needs You

Hello Collector, The ”Encourager” needs you so bad. I guess you never realised that. How easy it is for people who are on the receiving end to think giving is easy! You however never thought you may also have something to give.

This post here is to let you know that YES, YOU DO!

People who have money also go through stuff and may need your comfort.

The people who are always strong and encouraging may be going through a Breaking Point so they hide behind a mask. Can you see it?

That ”Rich” person may just be running away from you because of your give me, give me attitude.



Don’t be that person!

Don’t be found in that place!

Be Different!

Watch this video first and then we continue!


Have you noticed that Rich people run away from ” Leaches”? , people who only come to collect. That is why the rich will rather remain and create alliances with the rich. Hello, that is not because they don’t like the ”Have Nots”  but it is because the ”Have Nots” don’t see beyond what they will get from the Rich!

Let me shake this table!

Every Mature single lady that is doing very well, who understands her worth runs away from the ”small men” who only want the relationship
because of what they will get. I lie? They see them as unnecessary evil, virus, leaches, vampires because they will leave you with nothing the
moment they run you dry and move on to the next victim!

Don’t leave people thinking you are just the taker! Support your friends, check up on them, don’t remember them when you need something ONLY!

See this Too!

You will be shocked that most people you think are happy are NOT!

Happy weekend!


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