HUMANS SUPPORTING HUMANS Vrs WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN: This write up is not meant to be one of those long ones, as I am not even good with that. However, there is a saying that is very popular amongst the women folk ”WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN

Women supporting women simply encourages women to support other women, in their careers, share strength, uplift and just basically look out for the other woman. Yes, I totally and absolutely support this statement that has generated 1,878,318 hash tags on Instagram alone (One Million, Eight Hundred seventy eight thousand, three hundred and eighteen hash tags).

Wow! Amazing! Isn’t it? I must commend the pioneers of this movement and I would say it is very much needed especially in the African clime where women are not ”regarded ”that much. A woman should be a mother, married, take care of the home front, don’t necessarily need to work-Oh the man should, the society says!

But times are changing that these saying do not hold water as much again. Thanks to various movements that see to it that the dignity of the woman is restored, that there is equal representation across all sectors; a woman can be more or even better. After all, success does not respect gender but hard work, discipline, perseverance, consistency and smart work moves! (An article coming shortly)

Having established this fact that women supporting women is good. Let’s see another very important perspective, Humans supporting humans! Yes!

Oh I said this should be brief! There I go! Lol!

I feel the men are a bit left out in all of this. I mean who teaches the men? How many conferences and seminars do we have for men? You answer that.

The world consists of two genders; Male and Female. And one cannot exist or function optimally without the other. So, I would say, let’s all support one another in the best ways we can.

Let the parameter for supporting not be gender based, it won’t last on the long term. Reach Out, support and encourage alike, Respect every human being; young or old, rich or poor, big or small. Let’s strike a balance, I believe this will help on the long run!

If two people come to you to pitch a business, let the best pitch win.

Humans supporting humans should be the mindset going forward. Men go through hard times too, they are always expected to be strong and on top of the game. Sadly, they go though really difficult moments and phases that they won’t mention it to anyone because the societal stereotype says men should be strong. So, Who is there for Daddy? (An article coming )

Oh I got to go, as much as it sounds cliché, do ponder on this and realize that we all need each other because we are all we’ve got!

Cheers to better life ahead!  ♥



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