She started off as a model while in School studying International Studies and Diplomacy, one would think she would become a diplomat or get a job in a notable agency where the Take-Home is so heavy it can break the bank lol! Well, our environment seldom offers such opportunities unless you decide to take on the world by yourself because after all, your success is largely your effort. Make no mistakes about it, blaming the government and other people will not even change anything; you just have to brace up, know what to do and go for it.

Back to our story, Michel Ekure, CEO, Michel Leathers got tired of the status quo; earning a paltry sum of N40,000 (Forty Thousand Naira) which was not even paid on time. After being owed for 5 months (As Nigerians would say ” inside the 40k again”) , she resigned; hit the streets and started a journey into the Shoe Making Business which today, has earned her an award and several recognition amongst having a myriad of quality clientele base which includes the King of Comedy, Alibaba.
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we will bring you the concluding videos next week. Then you too can learn to make shoes! lol

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