Iretiola Doyle’s Daughter, Kachi Runs a Beauty Line


Lagos Nigeria: Iretiola Doyle’s daughter, Onyekachi Abimbola Onyeulo is the CEO of Kachi Beauty Products. A beauty line that caters to women who seek to achieve beauty with ease. The Backendscoop visits Kachi’s home to see what waking up and starting the day looks like for a super busy, married emerging business woman. She didn’t disappoint.


According to Kachi, you need to start your day on a good and healthy note.

The Beauty Line helps women to achieve flawless skin through the Kachi Acne Clear Soap, Body butter and Carrot Soap. In her words, ”Clean Out.”

Kachi told the backendscoop team how she  broke the ceiling by solving the need of the Nigerian woman and anyone who has battled with ACNE though her Beauty Line; Kachi Beauty Product. She has helped many women regain confidence in their looks with her range of beauty products. The rule is just the same, find a need, solve!


The Kachi wig collection however has made millions for the budding entreprenuer right from her university days where she started the business with her ”pocket” money of N30,000 (Thirty Thousand Naira). This vision was borne out of boredom that originated from incessant strikes in school. Today the story is different and the company is on it’s way up, major key!

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