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15877046_209077196224333_6526336895150981120_n(1)We all know the one who has been every lady’s sweetheart; some have fantasied, built images in their heart and all. We thought that was as far as it could  go but hey, some people even want more than that! Read below what RMD has to say about people who ask him to be their Father…the hustle is real mehn!

Part 2 is coming!

On regular basis I get requests from people asking me to “be their father” and I find that flattering and scary. Scary not because I am afraid to mentor and impart, on the contrary, I am extremely happy and proud any chance I get to mentor and inspire anyone to be and/or do better. But my worry is that a lot of the people who ask, ask for the wrong reasons. They want to hang around “my celebrity status” forgetting I am just an ordinary man with hopes, dreams, worries and fears. They want to grow their social media following by showing off our connection forgetting that social media doesn’t really matter. They want to hangout, walk the red carpet, attend shows/events without bringing anything to the table. To be a son/daughter is to be committed, loyal, hardworking and honest. I want a son/daughter that will transfer the mentorship to others, not one that will squander it. I want a son/daughter that will motivate, inspire and push me to be better. I am a father with biological sons and daughters and I am proudest when I see my investments in them bear fruit. NO father wants to make an investment that will not yield results or sow seeds that will not bear fruit. Before you ask me to be your father, ask yourself if you are genuinely ready to be a son? TO BE CONTINUED…

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