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For Motorists who hurriedly drive through the Mile 12- Ikorodu stretch, Odogun community in Ajegunle looks like a small town . Surprisingly, it isn’t! It is home to schools, families, a growing furniture industry etc! However, the poor state of the environment poses a large health risks given to the inappropriate dumping of refuse; safety concerns are raised because of over flooding issues.

However, the Residents and workers were clearly not interested in this coverage for the fear the government will displace them with no alternative! We saw that people use boats to visit neighbours because of over flooding.

The water should be controlled to avoid loss of lives. Though our crew were assured that even children have been thought how to swim! As much as these people wouldn’t want to be deprived of were they call homes, as much  as shops act like they are comfortable trading on the water, as much as even a welder feels it’s okay to move his shop evidently because the over flooding issue became unbearable and he puts up this smile like it is fine; we saw that it wasn’t fine. They just didn’t have a choice, they don’t want to be deprived of their daily sources of livelihood and shelter. They would rather ” manage”, they would rather not reveal the true state of things. This video will show you that if this problem is not tackled, if treated with levity, tomorrow will ask hard questions that we all will be ashamed to answer. So share this message and spread the love!

This DOCUMENTARY is not meant to stir the Government to displace them but as we always say, SAFETY FIRST. Government should visit, analyse the situation, weigh in and take measures to safeguard lives, properties, environment and businesses in Odogun.

We may also consider growing this furniture Industry! GOOD STUFF! Do share until it gets to the right source!

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