Screen Writing Master Class: Engaging Your Audience


Engaging your audience is a key part of story telling . Story telling is practically taking your audience on a journey; can make them cry, want to throw in the towel, laugh, fall in love, or what ever your key focus is .

Oluyomi Osasanya, a seasoned Screen Writer and one of the writers of the Africa Magic Show Case trending series The Battle Ground gives us insights on story telling, the art of engaging your audience. Learn the essentials of story telling.

You will reaffirm the Things you know, find out  the ones you don’t know. However remember that in story telling, You must be willing to sit to the end of the story, don’t leave your audience hanging. Always remember to  Choose a creative perspective.

Engaging your audience is therefore one sure way to take your screen writing career to another level. No producer would call screen writer who does a shoddy job of writing. Do your reserch, understand the direction you are going , picture your audience in your head; know that you must satisfy them.




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