An interview with Wilson Joel, one of Nigeria’s finest music producers. 

Here’s what he has to say, something priceless to keep you inspired.

Wilson Joel

Some say music is the food of love, everybody says music is life. All correct!

well, it would be absolutely correct to say that good music is life.

Who makes the good music?

A professional by all standards, from the heart of Oshodi to South Africa, then back to Nigeria; Wilson Joel is the strong man behind Doxology Music, a music producer who has his whole heart in the art of Music.

The Hustle is real, but fair to those who maintain the principles.

Meet the fine CEO of Doxology Music! Wilson Joel.

Enjoy the interview…


How has music been for you?

Wilson Joel:

Music, first of all; i’m from Edo State of Nigeria, from a family of five, i’m the last child. You know, i was supposed to be a doctor right, but now; i’m a doctor of music… still works, so Music has been amazing, what i do gives me life, gives me joy, gives other people hope as well. So yea, doing music has been challenging, i can be straight forward with you like that, but beyond the challenges, we don’t look at the challenges, we look at the” positivity” that comes after the challenges. yea, gone through a lot of criticisms, a lot of self finding, trying to know who i am, yes we’ve won some awards, yes, we’ve done some things but beyond all the awards; there are challenges so those challenges don’t stop us but the music keeps us going on.


How did you start your career?

Wilson Joel:

For me, music started a long time ago, first of all; music was in me, from when i was little, as young as 2…3, somewhere there, so for me, music actually started from there; where i was curious as to how music was made. Most of the things i’m doing today, i taught myself, until when i was now able to go to South Africa in 2006 to increase my wealth of knowledge so i can know how much more detail and quality is given to production out there, so my stuff can stand out.

Music has been a journey, used to be a struggle; i’ll say not anymore because at least now, i’m on the right track.














So how do you deal with Stress, coming back home from South Africa to settle and continue with Music.

Wilson Joel:

Now i’m coming from a place where there’s power 24/7, the roads are good, atmosphere allows you to be creative and stuff, then i’m coming into a system where you have to run your generator almost all through the day, the roads are bad, you fix your car now and in two days time, it begins to have the same problem. All those things, they sap away inspiration, so i had to deal with all these things. It takes a conscious effort to tell yourself “you know what, i won’t be discouraged, i’m going to do this thing and i’m gonna do it well” so most times, i had to lock myself in ,to be inspired, sometimes, i just take it easy and just go somewhere quiet to be inspired, sometimes i see stress coming my way and i say No! i’m not gonna take that stress and i’m going to just do what? escape from the stress because stress kills your imagination, stress kills your person, stress messes who you are up.

So for me, i dealt with it by just taking things easy one day at a time, Yes there are challenges in Nigeria, Nigeria is blessed, trust me. We have to always learn to adapt, anywhere we are


Staying relevant

Wilson Joel:

I always say to people, staying relevant; trust me, is of God. you can work so hard, day and night, if God doesn’t give you a pass mark, you will not be relevant and that’s the best way i can explain it. So i prayed, i fasted; i’m not trying to be spiritual on you but everyone around here is praying to some “God” and i always hear someone say that Heaven belongs to the highest bidder.

SWAG DOES NOT PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE my brother, my sister, so you have to wake up every morning and pray.  So staying relevant for me was a lot of prayer and was a lot of hard work. That you are praying as well doesn’t mean you have to make it, that you are praying  also means you have to work, if you don’t work , you won’t eat and that’s the truth. I mean, songs like Miracle Worker didn’t come out from mediocrity, we didn’t just wake up one morning and say YES! MIRACLE WORKER, NO…we worked it.

nathaniel bassey
Nathaniel Bassey
glowreeyah braimah
Glowreeyah Braimah
keny kore
Kenny Kore


By the grace of God so far, I’ve been able to do some songs as well that stayed with people, songs like Miracle Worker by Glowreeyah Braimah featuring Nathaniel Bassey, songs like Alagabra by Onos, songs like Your Peace by Kenny Kore, a lot of songs, a lot of things aside from Songs, a lot of Projects that were known. I won some awards by the grace of God, all these in less than five years of coming back to the country.

God fit work with anybody, He fit change anybody story!


This is your boy Wilson Joel and i’m on, this is an amazing program; trust me! you don’t want to change that dial. lock it down. for more info.


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