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This is not supposed to be a long post.

It is clearly true that someone us are tired of the cakes , If you are say yeah at the comment section.

Please remind me again, HOW MUCH IS AIR TICKET?

It is also true that they feel we don’t have a choice.If not, someone would have noticed that passengers actually don’t like the snacks; the cakes!

How can it be better?

A budget of 1k, One Thousand Naira per passenger can serve a good meal. Like Rice & Chicken, A variety of snacks with a bottle of drink.

Or, Partner with Nestle, Cadbury etc for a beverage dispenser to serve Hot Coffee, like the Nescafe 3-1 and still have drinks and snacks for the non coffee drinkers.

Get an Ice bucket for the drinks instead of serving warm horrible Juices!

What do i even know?


You can add your suggestions in the comment section! Tenk  you!

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