”YOU ARE FORGIVEN” Kemi Olunloyo to Pastor David Ibiyome

”YOU ARE FORGIVEN” Kemi Olunloyo to Pastor David Ibiyome of Salvation Ministries. Read Excerpts from her Instagram post and video. Recall that Ms Olunloyo has just been released fromPort Harcourt Maximum prison for the third time in 2017…Hope this clears the air. The excerpt below is purely written by MS Kemi Olunloyo and was not edited by The BackendScoop.


On December 12th 2017, an emergency production warrant was issued to bring me to the continuation of my trial in Federal court as the prosecutors had forgotten that they locked me up in prison under a magistrate bench warrant. There were no media outlets present as none knew of the date.

The internet post which was the subject of my arrest was thrown out by Justice Oshomah citing that it was inadmissible as a “true copy” of an internet generated document. On the magistrate side I am being tried for conspiracy. I plead not guilty in both courts where I am being sued.

I was only doing my job as a journalist looking for witnesses in an 8 page newstip sent to me by a church member alleging corruption. My case was NEVER about adultery as many people, bloggers and media have falsely written.Be in the courtroom to know the facts!

Also many forms of fake news on my third arrest. YNaija, Pulse Nigeria, Premium Times and many others reporting I was arrested in Ibadan and  Lagos when I actually streamed the event LIVE in front of the Federal court house in Port Harcourt

I have endured a lot and showing signs of psychological damage. Behind my smiles are cries and anger daily. Federal court adjourns in April while magistrate end of the month. God said “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” while Jesus told the thieves on the cross to “forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing”. We are not perfect! God knows the truth and I swore that he should deal with me mercilessly if I LIED OR MADE FALSE STORIES AGAINST Pastor @ David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries.

I lost my US registered business, my livelihood and my sanity in the confinement. But I did not lose my life or my children. The biblical man JOB did. Many u say I’m bitter at this pastor and the feds for tying me like a ram in the back of a hilux truck across 8 states for 9 hours.
I AM NOT BITTER!! I am a Woman of God now. I preach forgiveness not revenge and hatred.

Therefore it is well with you Pastor Ibiyeomie. May God bless Salvation Ministries and give you glory in 2018 and beyond. You are forgiven!
– -KOO

Source: Kemi Olunloyo’s Instagram post

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